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About MAMultisport

The journey starts with ambition…

In 1983 and 2011 I underwent open heart surgery; and I also suffer from asthma; but I have never been one to let things stop me from enjoying sport or trying to aspire to my very best potential. Over the past 20 years I have put myself on the racing line and never been afraid to give my all whether it is in track and field, rowing and now triathlon. Training for these very different events I have acquired great experience in power, speed and endurance training.

Still regularly completing in triathlons/duathlons I have come to love IRONMAN events and what the Ironman and 70.3 distances mean to those individuals attempting them for the first time, those determined to improve their times from the previous year or even those aiming to qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii.

The belief at MAMultisport is that every individual athlete is different and that athlete centric coaching is key to enabling the best possible outcomes. At the core of this approach are the 5 pillars of IRONMAN training.

Balance – Our aim is to enable athletes to improve their weaknesses, increase their strengths and learn how to train and race holistically across the sport of triathlon and not just the individual disciplines of swim, bike and run.

Consistency – Triathletes are challenged with three disciplines, plus fuelling and nutrition and have the added pressures of work, family and training schedules. Throughout our training plans we use the principles of linear periodization to create a challenging but realistic program to help athletes achieve their goals, from finishing feeling good on the run through to racing for personal bests.

Endurance – Triathlon is an endurance event and an athlete’s training and preparation should reflect this. By splitting the training plan into distinct periods the goals are to develop movement economy and endurance, and then to develop race fitness. The goal is to build aerobic ability and give our athletes the confidence to race at their optimal intensity/pace.

Adaptability – Having a vision of where you want to be by race day through setting short, medium and long terms goals is only part of the picture. Athletes will be faced with many challenges along the way and at MAMultisport we believe that not only does the training plan need to adapt but our role is to help athletes develop mental flexibility, a better understanding of their own bodies and how to listen to them, ultimately aiming to prevent fatigue or injury.

Recovery – The body and mind can only repair, strengthen and adapt with recovery. At MAMultisport we believe in ensuring recovery is built into the season through varying training loads to incorporating rest days within the microcycles/training weeks.

We look forward to working with you soon and seeing you feeling strong and empowered but most importantly seeing those finishers’ medals.

…and can lead to anywhere.