| Ironman Austria and Afterwards
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Ironman Austria and Afterwards

Ironman Austria and Afterwards

For those following our Instagram feed, will have seen we had a lot of fun in Austria but finally here’s an update on how it all went.

Ironman Austria!!!! The craziest thing I’ve ever done!! To start, my hat goes off to Hal! The super human!

So my race in Austria, I’ll skip Friday and Saturday and get straight to 4am Sunday! What an inhuman time of day to be up! Spanish omelette, nuts, beat root juice and mini green smoothie consumed. Time to drive to transition to put my bottles with UCAN and electrolytes on the bike and walk to the swim start, which in the morning with so many people about took 3 times as long as the day before, leaving little warm up time and no lake time. So best possible warm up complete, lined up in the hour to 1hr10 section. Next time I’m moving further forwards. In the swim I spent a lot of time trying to fight past people and then battling the weird chap that started picking up on the water. The swim up the channel towards T1 was great fun! Made my own space and was flying past people.

The volunteers where awesome, about 9 deep either side of you they catapulted you out of the water! Off running and stripping out of the wetsuit. It had poured down overnight so even having knotted T1 bag the stuff inside was wet. Clambered into it and off to get the bike. Then BANG! Having test ridden the day days before the front tyre blew! Luckily the mechanics grabbed the bike and the three of them did the fastest inner-tube change I’ve seen. About 3mins start to finish.

Now really full of adrenaline really had to behave and not hit the gas full throttle, so wanted to race it, the km’s quickly started ticking by but so did the water and UCAN due to the heat. Well before I’d planned to have to start taking water from the stations had to grave bottles but made the mistake of grabbing ISO not water 🙁 D’oh, sugar (literally), f###, I’ve not used this stuff for over two years! Well the turbos came on like rockets but like rockets they burn out quick and then the thunder storm hit! 145-150km done the killer gastric issues and thunder storm the legs were not fee lining pretty. Tried to keep even pace home.

Bike racked, straight to the loo!!!! First of many as it turned out to be!!

Having been to the loo, was off and felt great but the stomach issues suddenly got a whole lot worse and now I was off my stride and fully on my heels.
As the miles went past the Ironman shuffle got worse as the ITBs and where the calf ligaments attach just below the knees became stiffer and stiffer till running with ice stuffed down the calf guards was the only way to make progress.
Ruined but too stubborn to quite I finally found a solution to some of the stomach troubles, of all things local pretzel bread, it soaked up the liquid in my stomach that was sloshing around and not going down as the ISO had sent everything into shock or shutdown no idea after the fourth loo trip!

But finished!

Learnt more than I could have imagined! Have some ideas to build more knee and leg strength but would be great to have your input Paul. Food wise will be trying something different in training to workout what I need in special needs.

I have also learn this past week about my tappering. Having taken the week off and just eaten want I wanted, I feel more energised and stronger than on face day. Maybe trying to control the food intake a little to avoid over eating left me a little shorter on reserve energy levels than I had expected and planned.

But now its time to prep for Weymouth 70.3! Should be a great weekend as racing with my training buddies.

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