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Tuesday Ride Gym Ride

Tuesday Ride Gym Ride

I find on my route to the office that Tuesdays is always a good day to ride, traffic is always quieter. I’ve been investing time in my pedaling technique so this was a good opertunity to focus in this and not be tempted to try and face everything on the roads.

Main focus is currently on drawing then knees up in s straight line keeping them over the toes at all times. Sounds simple right? For years I have been letting my knee drift out at the top on the stroke. This while compensating for lack of internal hip rotation causes a significant decrease in power that can be generated. While I have been working on hip rotation, see separate blog enter, my knees are starting to track in a far straighter line and can visibly see me knees less significantly swinging during the end of the pull and start of the push phase.

I know your now asking well how much has the power output increased by. As I am still to invest in a power meter I can only go by cadence which for the same gear ratio has increase by around 8-10 rpm for the same heart rate.


In the gym, this week I kept the same focus. Keeping the knees tracking over the toes. Key for squats, dead lifts and any form of bar work. So the program went along the lines of:

Gentle warm-up before:

Squats: 50kg-80kg-50kg-80kg-50kg 15/10/15/10/15 Reps – knees tracking over toes and going as deep as possible. The results are slowly starting to show as by bum is getting ever closer to my heals and in certainly now parallel in not below parallel with the floor.

Dead lifts to clean: 40kg 4 x dead lifts 1 x clean, repeated this 8 times. The reps are high as I’m currently working weights as a circuits session instead of heavy weights.

Dead lifts to clean and jerk: 40kg 4 x dead lifts 1 x clean, repeated this 2 times.

Using the Olympic bar swivel the use the bar with 10kg, arms out straight and slowly move the bar left to right to left, this really engages the core and works the upper back and shoulders.

Cables for arm thrusts with 14kg. I use three different height to the cables to ensure that a fuller range of the muscle groups are used. (Can supply more detailed description is anyone’s interested)

Lunges with 30kg fixed bar. 15 on each leg for each set of legs plated, then stepping back into the lung, then alternating legs for the step back. Making sure the front foot is firmly planted and the weight is evenly distributed.

Finished off with as many pull-ups as possible.


Cool down was a steady ride home again working on the morning focus.

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