| Wednesday Mid-Day round up!
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Wednesday Mid-Day round up!

Wednesday Mid-Day round up!

Four and a half weeks to go till the last race of 2016 and looking forwards to smashing it but first its time to smash out some training.

This week we’re using a few repeats from last week, but the story goes:


12.5mile run. With a little inspiration after a good catch-up with F3Event’s Martyn, couple of weeks again, have been inspired to leave the running fear behind and just do it. No prep, just shoes on and run the miles, came home in a respectable 1hr40 for the longest run since Ironman, so only about 10 seconds per mile off my personal best.


Tuesday’s old fav:

Ride to work then hit the gym in the evening

Squats: 50kg-80kg-50kg-80kg-50kg 15/10/15/10/15 Reps – knees tracking over toes and going as deep as possible.

Dead lifts to clean: 40kg 4 x dead lifts 1 x clean, repeated this 8 times.

Dead lifts to clean and jerk: 40kg 4 x dead lifts 1 x clean, repeated this 2 times.

Using the Olympic bar swivel the use the bar with 10kg

Cables for arm thrusts with 14kg

Lunges with 30kg fixed bar.

Finished off with core work and as many pull-ups as possible.


This morning:

Getting out with Paul Wilson this morning for a swim in Shepperton Lake. Both suffering heavy arms worked on getting straight on the catch as soon as the lead hand is in the water. Results more rotation and greater connection but need to get accustomed to it in order to hold on for longer.


This evenings madness, spinning and run brick session.

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