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Weekend Round Up

Weekend Round Up

This weekends focus was on keeping training entertaining off the back of two hard weeks.

Saturday’s swim was broken in to 3 sets of decreasing length and taking on anyone willing to have a race. Some great fun, some won some lost but made some good progress with getting the forearm engaged with the water. I generally have a tendency of over reach and wait/glide for too long once the hand is in the water and out stretched that the first part of the catch is slipping. Focusing on catching the water as early as possible and really learning the body weight could feel the load not just on the hands but on the full forearm.

On a Saturday, timing generally works well to allow me to get a run in just after swimming, so a quick bit of nut based breakfast the off to run from Bray to Windsor and back via Dorney lake. Again trying to mix it up, the challenge was to run as hard as possible for as long as possible. Definitely blowing a few gaskets by the end but smashed the pd by 7minutes.

Sunday proved the most exciting day! A few new guys out on the bikes, coupled with taking the TT as still getting used to the new set up but what a crazy, blast! From sitting at the back of the pack chilling on the areobars to winding it that I hit 63.1km/hr on the rolling flats. After meeting the guys at @freespeed it’s now really easy to spin the legs up and accelerate the bike. Although a shorter group ride at 92km but everyone was shattered.

Can’t wait now for Weymouth 70.3 and looking forwards to trying to break the 5hr barrier.

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