| Weymouth Ironman 70.3 – Closing 2016
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Weymouth Ironman 70.3 – Closing 2016

Weymouth Ironman 70.3 – Closing 2016

Weymouth Ironman 70.3

Overall a great learning curve and building on Ironman Austria, feel we are ready to move forwards and smash 2017.
Big learning curve in race day preparation. Ironman event starts consist of a lot of walking and waiting for the loo. Figure need to add an hour to the normal race day plan in order to get a warm up paddle in the lake or sea. For me that then means a much calmer swim and race start.

Swim start rolling format works for me but over the winter need to really work on the confidence of swimming in the crowds and not panic about getting dunked.

On to the bike. This was the first race with a new more areo bike set up 9oluj6q. It was good to be able to stay on the areobars. Need to work on pedalling technique for hills. Did revert back to bashing the pedals instead of pulling through on the up stroke and pushing through. Will help ensure a rolling course does not slow me down. Aiming for slash 20mins off next year’s average times.
Sticking to just liquid fuel on the bike helped avoid the stomach issues I’ve been experiencing this year and getting through 3 water bottles mean I actually needed the loo coming off the bike.

Getting on to the run I felt good and straight away off at target pace. Kept this going till half way. Issue with the run is firstly need to cover more millage in training next year but secondly I need to get a proper plan for fuel. Relying on the on course fuel is not working as by the end of 16-18 km out of energy.

So how do we take this forwards. Higher calorie load on the bike and then work on a plan for supplementing this on the run. Aiming to generate a formula that enables me to take fuel on board roughly every 20 minutes, with the aim of taking 20 minutes off the runs and getting close to the 1hr36 half marathons I have run in the past.

But for now it’s time to kick back think about what we have achieved this year and look forward to starting the next phase of MAMultisport.

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