| Great to be back in the gym
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Great to be back in the gym

Great to be back in the gym

Finally back in the gym this week. Post Austria and having let the inflammation settle, it is time to re-build the legs.

Ahead of the winter season it time to really increase range on motion while improving support around the knees and hips.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been working daily on calf raises to start with. No I’m not going for body builder calfs but to re-activate the stability muscles that seem not to have woken during the recent change in running style. So using a step first lower the heel to give maximum ext4ension then slowly raise the calf by pushing down through the ball of the foot. Hold for 1 second and the top then aim to take between 5-10 seconds to lower the heel again. The slower and more controlled you can do this the more the full calf is activated. Aim to repeat this 20 times before changing legs. It should sting something rotten from 15 onwards if really controlling the motion.

For the next couple of months I’ll be working on really reduced weights but ensuring all supporting muscles are engaged and firing. Slow and controlled movements.

Watch out of updates on how the weights routine develops as mobility increases. 🙂



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